Anthology Seeking Testimonies


Have you ever longed to share your heart – your testimony –
with someone, but couldn’t work up the nerve to do so? Well,
now is your chance. We are currently compiling testimonies –
in letter format – for Love Letters from the Heart, to be
released February 2012. The testimonies should be 1,000 words
or less, written in the form of a letter to someone you want
to share the Gospel and/or your testimony with. The letters
will be universal letters, and won’t have names connected to
them, but anyone who contributes to the book will have their
name and brief bio listed in the back of the book. If the
writer chooses to share which testimony is their own, they
are welcome to do so, but they are not required to do so.
The scope of the book should appeal to a wide variety of
people – so that it may be given to people who might be
traveling similar paths. Writers whose testimonies are
selected for the book will receive a $25 honorarium and a
copy of the book upon publication. Deadline October 30, 2011.

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