Goodbye Boston! Hello Minnesota!

It’s great to be back in Minnesota. My eyes are resting on the green colors, happy for a reprieve from Boston’s cobblestone and concrete. I have just completeld my fifth and final residency at the MFA program of Pine Manor College.  After ten days of intensive study of creative nonfiction, I have returned with new ideas I hope to share in the months ahead.

In a few short days (Saturday, July 23) I will be teaching at the Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis. The class, which will run from 1-4 p.m, is titled: Beginning Memoir: Finding Your Story. If you know of anyone who is interested in writing life stories, please let them know about this class. They can register by calling the Loft at 612-379-8999. The Loft is the largest literary center in the United States and a great resource for Minnesota writers.

Also coming up, Writing in the Garden: A Writers’ Retreat for all Genres, on Friday, August 19th in Baxter, Minnesota. Do you know what the heart of your story is? We’ll be talking about that during the retreat. Identifying the heart will move your story forward and bring a new focus to your writing. I can’t wait to share this information with you! I have room for two more people in my car if you’d like a ride from Pine City.

 As soon as it’s ready, I’ll share a link to a video of my graduation introduction (don’t worry, it’s short). If any of you are interested in pursuing your own degree in creative writing, I’d love to tell you about the Solstice MFA program of Pine Manor College in Boston (rated 14th in the nation). Solstice is a low-residency program (ten days twice a year). The community of students and the instruction I received at Solstice was a wonderful experience.

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  1. Margaret Marty
    Aug 8, 2011

    Angela, congratulations on completing your final residency!!!

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