Master Story Teller, Robert McKee

I’m always looking for writing information on the web and today I discovered something that is great. I’ve been getting  regular e-mails from Robert McKee’s Storylogue for quite some time, wishing I could afford the large fee to attend one of his three-day sessions on writing screenplays. It’s not that I want to write a screenplay, I just want to see if I can steal any of his devices to improve my memoir writing skills. I never thought to look on You Tube.

Here’s the link to a lesson on setting from the master story teller, Robert McKee.

Like a bag of potato chips, I’m sure I won’t be happy with just one. Over the next few days, I’ll be watching as many of these short lessons as I can find on You Tube and maybe even searching for a few more from other writers. Who says that just because we live in a rural area we can’t take advantage of some of the greatest teachers in the world?

If you have any favorite websites with some great, free writing information, please post below.

Happy learning!

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