Poetry Submission Opportunity (No Fee)

This is a fun opportunity to submit poems to a Minnesota event. Follow directions closely and remember the deadline is July 22, 2011. Good luck!

You Are Invited to Participate 

   The Book Arts Committee of the Northwoods Art & Book Festival is soliciting original, unpublished poetry by Minnesota writers for our display and recognition at the festival this year.
   We will accept one or two original, unpublished poems from each poet. See Submissions Requirements below.
   We have a limited display area and unsure how many poems we will receive so we ask that you number your poems #1 & #2 if you are sending in more than one. If we receive more pieces than we have room to display, a committee of poets will first eliminate some or all poems numbered # 2 and select #1 poems to be displayed.  
Six poems to be recognized as Works of Merit will be selected by the Poetry Committee.
    You will be notified by email if one (or two) of your poem/s has been chosen for display
    All of the selected poems will be displayed at the Art & Book Festival August 20th without the names of the poets on them.  All attendees at the Festival will be invited to vote for their favorite poem until 1 pm for six People’s Choice awards.  
At 1:30 pm, the writers of the poetry on display will be invited to read their poems. After the poetry readings, the six Works of Merit and the six People’s Choices will be announced.
   There will be no open mike poetry reading.

Submissions Requirements

   We will accept one or two poems from each poet (if sending in two poems, number
# 1 and #2 on back) on each piece of white paper. The length of each poem will be limited to 18 lines of text on one side of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  Use any Arial 18 bold type so it can be easily read on display.
   We will need two copies of each of your submissions: one copy with your identifying information on the back – name, address, phone, email; and one copy with no identifying information on it.
   Below your identifying information, please sign your name if we have your permission to print your work in selected newspaper/s and or on our web site
Mail your submissions flat, unfolded to
Sue Ready 4688 Evergreen Drive NW  Hackensack, MN  56452
Submissions may be sent at any time but must be received by July 22nd.
Any questions? Sue Ready can be reached at suready@yahoo.com

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