The Heart of the Story

We’ll be talking about “the heart of the story” at the Writing in the Garden Retreat in Baxter on the 19th of August.

So what is it? What do I mean by heart? We all know the traditional description of a story — a beginning, middle and an end. But that’s not really what makes a story. I believe the true essence of story is the emotion that drives it. And how do we get to that emotion? Through conflict.

If you’re interested in learning more about the heart of the story, sign up for my writing retreat on August 19th. We’ll spend the day together talking about how to get that “heart” into your story and then we’ll put paper to pen (or fingers to keypad) and write, write, write! There will be time during the day to conference with me about what you’re working on or what you hope to work on. We’ll probably be doing some laughing and certainly some eating, and we’ll enjoy Bev’s garden.

How long has it been since you gave yourself the gift of an entire day of writing? Set aside a day for yourself right now by signing up for Writing in the Garden.

P.S. I’m made plans to hold a 2 day writing retreat in my home town of Pine City during the weekend of September 23 and 24th. Our host will be Carolyn Tuckner, owner of Pine Needle Quilting Company. I’ll be sending out the information soon.

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