Themed Writing Contest – Diligence

Here’s a new writing contest sponsored by Funds for Writers. This contest is in its tenth year and I know it is reputable. You can choose to enter your piece in the no entry fee category or pay $5.00 per entry for a chance at the maximum $400 prize.
Themed contests make great writing prompts. When you think of diligence, it might bring to mind a personal relationship, a child, career, or even a manuscript. If you have weathered a difficult time in your life and have come out of it wiser, stronger and empowered, you need to write that story and send it into this contest.
The 10th Annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest seeks nonfiction
submissions. First prize $400. Five additional cash prizes.
Zero entry fee and $5 entry fee categories. Theme: Diligence.
Limit 750 words. Email submissions only.
Guidelines at

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