Thinking about Writing Classes

It  came today! The University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival’s pre-notification of the upcoming catalog. Sigh…..already my head is spinning with possibilities for summer writing classes.  Iowa City is a six hour drive from the Twin Cities, the perfect summer trip. (Except for the time my sister and I were driving to the workshop for classes and breezed past Des Moines’ turn, ending up in Missouri. That added a few extra hours to the trip. But that’s another story, one that can only be understood by someone who has gotten so deeply into a conversation that time and space disappeared.)

I encourage you to contact your local arts council to see if there are grants available for writers. You could write a grant for the funds necessary for travel, lodging and tuition costs. These funds could be used to fund classes from many different venues. In the meantime, mark your calendar for mid February and search the website for upcoming summer classes at Once you attend a workshop in Iowa, you’ll be looking forward to the next catalog as much as I do!



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