Words Like Water


“If you’re going to be a writer, the first essential
is just to write. Do not wait for an idea. Start writing
something and the ideas will come. You have to turn the
faucet on before the water starts to flow.”

– Louis L’Amour

After two days without Internet, I’m finally back on-line. I had forgotten how often I use Google to look something up while writing. Gathering information has certainly changed for writers, but good advice never goes out of style. That’s why I posted the above quote from Louis L’Amour. His sage advice to turn on the faucet to begin the flow of ideas reminds me of the advice I like to give my students–put your butt in the chair! Sometimes the simple act of showing up is enough.

Happy writing! And don’t forget to sign up for the Writing in the Garden Retreat in Brainerd. We will meet at the home of my friend, Bev A’bear, where we can enjoy her air-conditioned home or her beautiful garden as we learn about creative writing and spend some time with paper and pen (or laptop). For information on how to get your name on the list (I’m only taking 15), please visit my home page and scroll down under Recent Posts to Brainerd Writers’ Retreat. If you’re from the Pine City area, I have room in my car for 2 more people. Hope to see you there!

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