Write a six-word memoir

Here is a challenge for you! The Six-Word Memoir Project is accepting submissions now and Oprah will publish winners in her magazine (if you submit through her website).  NOTE: a hyphened word is considered one word (i.e. make-up, multi-cracked).


Below are some of the winning entries:

Best Imagery: “Inherited Mom’s zest and Dad’s lemons.” –wayword_angel

Toughest Narrative Arc: “Make-up on arms; something to hide.” –ElectricPirate

Best Imagery: “Multi-cracked heart in need of tourniquet.”-LucidDreamer

Headiest Journey: “Chosen for something. Not sure what….” – London Adam,

Best Backstory: “Only artists under 30 need apply” – marymc

Most Self-Aware: “Must. Stop. Taking. My. Own. Picture.” –Ells from SMITHTeens.

If you would like to submit your six-word memoir, click on the link below by November 11, 2011.





  1. Margaret Marty
    Oct 28, 2011

    Angie, thanks for this tip. I had written a six-word memoir in one of your classes awhile back, so I submitted that.

  2. affoster22
    Oct 28, 2011

    Wonderful! Good luck. I think you are my #1 student, Margaret.

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