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October is my favorite time of year. Not only are the bugs finally gone and the leaves a glorious color, but October is also my birthday month. I’ve never been one to celebrate. Often the day goes by without fanfare. But last year I decided it was time to begin celebrating each birthday as a reflection of my thankfulness for another year on this earth. A year ago today I telephoned my oldest and dearest pals from high school and arranged my own birthday party, a tradition we have honored at each of our birthdays. The lunches with my high school friends have been the highlight of my year, reminding each of us to celebrate the milestone instead of moaning about the wrinkles on our faces.

So what could I do this year, besides the annual birthday lunch, to celebrate my special day? I have decided to give away my editor services to one of my readers. I will take up to ten pages of work (it can be fiction or nonfiction) from one of you during the month of October.

All you need to do is comment below — just tell me what you are working on and say hello. I will choose one person from the comments.

Happy birthday to me!! I get the pleasure of doing something for someone else. Pass this information along to your writing friends.Tell them to register for my blog and give a comment below. I already have a number in mind for the winner, so it’s all luck from here out. Comment as many times as you want and tell your friends to do the same.

I hope to see your post and I will notify you if you’re the winner. I can’t wait to read your work, who ever you are!



  1. Shelley Odendahl
    Sep 29, 2012

    Hello, Angela,
    This is a very generous offer. As somebody who has had my work edited by you, I know first hand how valuable good editing can be. You prompt me to be a better writer. I am working on my next memoir, Traveling Together: Exploring Europe On Our Own.
    I agree with you about celebrating life with dear friends. I love my girls nights out — It is a great way to stay in touch and just let loose!

    • affoster22
      Sep 29, 2012

      Thanks, Shelley. Please pass the information along to your writing friends.

  2. betty ziegler
    Oct 1, 2012

    What an unselfish way to celebrate a birthday. I met you in Perham and at that time you offered to do a free edit as well. My non fiction piece was using the metaphor of the transformation of river teeth in flowing water and our transformation as we grow and mature in life. I’m still working on it and want to thank you for giving me the boost I needed. Recently I went to a revision workshop of Linda Lein’s in Menagha and sat next to a woman who also said you were a godsend for her. She is blind and I was moved by all the obstacles she has and must overcome. I like reading your blog and the comments on writing. Happy Birthday, Angela. Betty Ziegler

    • affoster22
      Oct 1, 2012

      Thank you Betty for the lovely response. I remember your piece. It was lovely. You must of spoken with Nancy. She is truly an inspiration. I’ll keep you posted as to the winner of the edit. Please tell your friends to comment. I want lots of happy birthday wishes!!!!!

  3. Beth Jahnke
    Oct 3, 2012

    I am 50 pages into a story about a woman’s struggles of escape from an oppressive 22 year marriage and her quest to find God and life again. She meets up with cancer, five years or more without sex, sexual awakening at age 44, anger, fear, resentment, hope, laughter, miracles and ultimately peace in her heart.

    My goal is to instill the emotions mentioned above in my reader, move them to feel the rawness and follow the main character’s quest as I weave from her past, to her current encounters, to her future.

    I only wish I could be a mouse in the corner watching as people read how she curls up in the agony of painful prayer at 1:00am in the morning, she is begging God to send her a sign. A hint into her future that she will not die alone. Then the next night at 1:00am her phone rings…temporary relief.

    Your generous offer of editing early in the game like this would be a blessing. I have never written like this before and feel so very compelled to eventually complete it.

    • affoster22
      Oct 3, 2012

      Beth, Sounds like you have a great project! I’ll let you know about the edit winner at the end of the month. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Niomi Phillips
    Oct 6, 2012

    Happy Birthday!
    I’m working on a memoir, “Growing up Catholic in the Geographical Center of North America,” for want of a better title. I’m focusing on ages 4-13, but including information about the German Russian emigration to ND. I have a plan of sorts–sections, chapters–not necessarily chronological but people and events. I want to include, perhaps in a separate chapter, the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry I’ve written and published about this time and place, and am nearing a time in the work where I need help.

    • affoster22
      Oct 6, 2012

      Sounds so interesting! I’ll let you know about the free edit! Thanks for commenting.

  5. Kim Larson
    Oct 5, 2013

    Happy Birthday this month, and thanks for teaching “First Pages” today at LRWN conference. Great job!! So helpful. I’ve completed a YA Christian novel about a girl who’s learning to use her spiritual gift of prophecy in our present day. I’m not ready to face the marketing arena yet so I’ve just recently started on the sequel.
    The journey is so much fun!

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