Editing and Manuscript Coaching Services

When working on your manuscript, there is a time when you need someone real to look at it and give you honest feedback. I offer suggestions on how to improve your work and guide you through the process.

I charge an hourly rate of $60 and will only bill for the actual time spent on your project. I prefer to work through e-mail, but will also take packets through the mail.  I work with memoir and fiction. If you have a completed manuscript, you might consider a manuscript critique of your work (this is what most of my clients request). Here’s the link: https://www.angelaffoster.com/manuscript-consultation-services/

Wendell Affield, author of Muddy Jungle Rivers, had this to say about my editing services:

Wendell Affield Muddy Jungle Rivers
I’ve just finished revising Muddy Jungle Rivers from your edit and am very thankful I sent it to you. I am working on a short prologue, as we discussed. . . . I’m very impressed with your eye for detail.

These are a few of the books I have worked on:

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Herman: 1940s Lonely Hearts Search Chickenhouse Chronicles, Book I by [Affield, Wendell]Bring Home the Murder (Tales of a Tenacious Housesitter Mystery) by [Jarvela, Theresa M.]

Others:   If I Kiss You, Will I Get Diabetes? (by Quinn Nystrom)

Touched by Two Worlds   (by Myron Kramarczuk)