The #1 Way to Build Tension & Writing Boot Camp Link

What’s the #1 way to build tension in a scene?

Writers often move too quickly. Build tension in your written scene by slowing down the action. Let the scene unfold moment by moment.  In real time the scene may have happened quickly–perhaps in seconds. But in a written scene, we need to linger on the details. Give some hint as to what the character is thinking as it happens. Put everything into slow motion and describe the sun glinting off the water. The grit of sand on skin. Whatever the details of your story may be, let them unfold slowly. Allow your reader to feel the importance of the moment.

P.S. As promised, here is the link to the Creative Writing Boot Camp in Brainerd, MN, on January 12, 2013. My sister Candace Simar and I will co-teach this one-day event. Yesterday, we spent the entire day planning the day’s presentation and I promise, you will learn a lot during this workshop. The cost is only $15 and includes a wonderful lunch, snacks and beverages.  You must sign up as soon as possible. The workshop is filling fast and we only have room for 40 participants. Here’s the link:

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