Do You Make This Writing Mistake?

Memoir writers need tension in their stories. Our true character is revealed under pressure. Think back to the emotional moments in your life.  What did you learn about yourself? How did you react to the stress? High emotions such as fear, grief, jealousy, or anger  are the perfect moments to write about. Show the stress. Show your reaction. By doing this, you’ll reveal yourself. A perfect recipe for a great memoir story.

P.S. If you live near the Brainerd area, please stop by the Q Gallery at the Franklin Art Center between 1 – 3 p.m., on Saturday, January 26, 2013.  River Place Press will be introducing Farm Girls, a collection of stories and poetry I have co-written with my sister Candace Simar.  The Crossing Arts Alliance will serve snacks and you’ll hear some great poetry from my sister and me, along with local residents who participated in Poetry on the Wall.  I’d love to see you at this free event.


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